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REM® Finishing

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All REM® ISF Microfinishing completed in house at PEM


REM ISF Isotropic Microfinish
The ISF-Process is a chemically accelerated vibratory mass finishing process patented worldwide by REM Chemicals, Inc, USA.
Any time two metal parts come into contact with each other, the resulting friction causes heat build up.  These high temperatures cause wear and over time reduce efficiency and eventually create the need for replacement.  By creating a smooth and shiny finish, the ISF Process improves the life and efficiency of moving metal parts.  Increased life translates into lower operating costs as well as better performance.
The ISF Process removes the asperities that are inherent in the manufacturing process.  By safely, removing these microscopic peaks, the ISF Process leaves a much more uniform surface that reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability.  While the dimensional integrity of the part remains intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, quieter operation and increased item between maintenance. 
The ISF Process is a chemically accelerated vibratory mass finishing process which is patented worldwide.  
The process utilizes conventional vibratory finishing equipment and non-abrasive finishing media to produce an isotropic superfinished surface.  It is capable of generating a surface roughness average as low as Ra
The ISF Process is a physiochemical process.  Using high density, non-abrasive ceramic media and conventional vibratory finishing equipment in which large batches of parts can be processed at the same time.
The ISF Process has been tested, proven, certified and is currently in use in many different industries.  It is highly successful on parts that operate in extreme environments.  The ISF Process is used in military applications and is FAA approved.  The results confirm that no matter what your product is, the ISF Process will make a difference in performance, and save time, energy and money.


Motor Sports
In extreme environments, such as automobile or motorcycle racing, every component must work in harmony at 100% capacity.  Races are won and lost by fractions of a second, so it all comes down to getting the most power output possible.  With the ISF Process, the energy normally lost to friction is now available in the form of increased power output. Once friction is reduced, the engine will run cooler allowing for longer durability of parts and fewer failures.  To the high performance racing market - Smooth and Shiny means faster and cooler.
The benefits are:
*  Allows a freer movement of parts with less surface resistance
*  Improves precision of gear mating resulting in maximum efficiency 
*  Extends life of parts and reduces risk of part failure during operation
*  Increases power density that allows for larger motors or smaller transmissions
*  Reduces maintenance expenses and fuel costs
*  Increases power output resulting in increased speed
"REM is registered trademark of REM Chemicals Inc. registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office."


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